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New Year New Budget

New Year New Budget


New Year Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes, maybe you want to get back on a healthier fitness or eating routine. Maybe your resolution is to be more organized, whether that’s at work or home, or maybe your resolution could even be to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

No matter what your resolution is, don’t forget about your finances and your financial health when setting goals for the New Year. The New Year is all about bettering yourself, and many people don’t realize that poor finances can actually impact your physical and mental health too. The start of a New Year is a fantastic time to start a new budget or re-evaluate your budget if you already have one, so now is your time!

Here are some ideas to get your brain moving on how you can start saving, budgeting, and working on your financial health in the New Year.

  1. Get creative when saving. Consider doing something different like ‘the jar method or setting up sub savings accounts (like a Christmas or Vacation club) to put back your cash.
  2. Track your spending. For the entire month of January, collect every single receipt, from your paper receipts to your online shopping receipts, and don’t forget the invoices/receipts for your everyday bills. This will help you figure out where you’re spending your money.
  3. Set realistic goals. Don’t dive in wanting to save $500 right off the bat in one month. Work up to a goal that works for you and your budget.
  4.  Don’t mindlessly shop. Better let that clicking finger take a rest after the holiday season and only purchase something if you REALLY need it.
  5. Get help if you need it! It’s okay to not have it all figured out on your own. That’s why there are experts (like us!) out there to help you! We can help by providing in-person help, or a number of easy-to-use online financial tools at your disposal for free!

Check out our Financial Tool-Kit

  1. Banzai! Financial Education Tools – From online virtual simulation courses, calculators, and articles covering all the topics you’d help with.
  2. Certified Financial Counseling Tools – Our in-house Certified Member Financial Counselor, Reggie, is ready to help you get on the right track in the New Year with your bud. He can assist you with a number of issues from putting together a budget, to helping you with debt consolidation and so much more
  3. Financial Calculators – Looking for a little help with calculations? We have just about every type of calculator imaginable to help you figure out your goals. Choose from a variety of calculators including a monthly savings calculator, credit card payoff calculator, car affordability calculator, mortgage calculator, and more!

If you're considering starting out the New Year with a new budget, check out our CSE couch chat on more tips and tricks to help you on your way! 


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