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Debit MasterCard®

Get MORe Out of Your Debit Card

A CSE Debit Mastercard® is the perfect pair with our FREE CSE Checking Accounts. Each time you make a purchase with your debit card, you'll earn points into our Members Own Rewards (MORe) program that combines points earned from your debit card with points that you earn if you use a CSE Rewards Visa card. But, it doesn't stop there...more benefits include:

Make purchases via Contactless Payments and Mobile Wallets
(Look for the contactless payment logo logo)

Higher security with EMV microchip technology

Manage your card with the CardNav by CO-OPSM mobile app

Convenient Automatic Bill Updater (ABU) when new cards are issued

Free checking account with no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balances

Turn your Debit Card On/Off from CSE's eBranch or Mobile App by utilizing 'Debit Card Freeze' option

Contact us today to get a debit card.

Earn Everyday & Bonus Points

Earn points every time you use your CSE Debit Mastercard® for everyday expenses. From groceries to fuel and utility bills, your purchases will really pay off. Now, all points earned with a CSE Debit Mastercard and Visa Rewards card are combined into one program so you can earn more points, faster!

How it Works

Earn 1 point for every:

  • $2 spent on signature transactions
  • $4 spent on PIN transactions

Earn Bonus Points

  • ShopSPOT In-store: ShopSPOT In-store works by linking offers directly to your rewards card. Use your rewards card at participating merchants and earn bonus points.
  • ShopSPOT Online: Shop thousands of merchants at our online mall and be rewarded even more. You'll earn up to 10x bonus points on all purchases using your rewards card.

View ShopSPOT Offers

Access Reward Points

View and redeem rewards points by logging into the eBranch home banking site or our mobile app. Points can be redeemed for items such as:

  • Cash Back
  • Statement Credit
  • Gift Cards
  • Travel
  • Merchandise
  • Charitable Donations
  • And more!

Fee-Free ATMs

Our members can visit any of nearly 30,000 ATMs that are part of CO-OP Shared Branching with us. So, whether you’re across town, or far from home, you’re never far from your money. Here are the details for fee-free ATMs:

  • Use surcharge-free ATMs at places like 7-Eleven®, Costco® and Walgreens
  • Make deposits at nearly 9,000 ATMs
  • Locate an ATM through any of our easy locator tools, including phone, mobile app, text messaging or Internet

Find a surcharge-free ATM right now at or call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP.

CSE is also a member of the Alliance One ATM Network. This is a group of credit unions that DO NOT charge surcharges to other credit union members using their ATMs. Look for the Alliance One logo when using credit union ATMs.

Credit/Debit Rewards Form

Members who earn points across multiple member account numbers or those who would like to gift points to another member can do so upon request. Complete the form below to transfer points.

DO NOT send us Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Pin Numbers or Driver's License Numbers via e-mail or Form submissions! Email and Form submissions are not a secure way to send us that type of information.

  • Denotes required fields

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