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MORe with Credit & Debit Cards

Get MORe with a Debit + Credit Card

Did You Know...?

Members who have a CSE Debit Mastercard and a CSE Rewards Visa credit card earn points with every purchase. Points earned from either card are combined into one program called our Members' Own Rewards (MORe) program. This allows members to earn points twice as fast while allowing them to use whichever card they prefer for their purchases.

Earn Bonus Points

In addition to earning points on everyday expenses, debit and credit cardholders have opportuntities to earn bonus points throughout the year. With all rewards points combined into one program, you'll watch your points balance increase lightning fast.

Visa Quarterly Rewards

Visa Rewards cardholders have the chance to earn BIG with our 3x Quarterly Rewards calendar. Each quarter, there are different merchants and categories that will allow you to rack up points quicker.

Earn Bonus Points with ShopSPOT

ShopSPOT In-store: ShopSPOT In-store works by linking offers directly to your rewards card. Use your rewards card at participating merchants and earn bonus points.

ShopSPOT Online: Shop thousands of merchants at our online mall and be rewarded even more. You'll earn up to 10x bonus points on all purchases using your rewards card.

View ShopSPOT Offers

Access Reward Points

View and redeem rewards points by logging into the eBranch home banking site or our mobile app. Points can be redeemed for items such as:

  • Cash Back
  • Statement Credit
  • Gift Cards
  • Travel
  • Merchandise
  • Charitable Donations
  • And more!

View Rewards Points

Credit/Debit Rewards Form

Members who earn points across multiple member account numbers or those who would like to gift points to another member can do so upon request. Complete the form below to transfer points.

DO NOT send us Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Pin Numbers or Driver's License Numbers via e-mail or Form submissions! Email and Form submissions are not a secure way to send us that type of information.

  • Denotes required fields

1. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The 3.99% APR introductory rate is a promotional rate. It is applied for 6 billing cycles from the time of the first purchase or balance transfer made within the first 90 days of the card open date unless the account becomes delinquent and/or over the limit. If the account becomes delinquent and/or over the limit before the 6 billing cycle period, the rate will then be changed to the standard VISA card rate between 8.25 - 18.00% APR based on your creditworthiness. CSE Federal Credit Union maintains the right not to open any CSE Visa Card account if: a) the information provided is incomplete, inaccurate or cannot be verified, b) if the member does not meet CSE FCU’s standard for creditworthiness, or c) member’s name and/or mailing address have been altered. This offer is a limited time offer and can be changed or discontinued without notice.

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