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Round Up Savings

Round Up Savings

Saving money has never been easier with Round Up Savings. Every person is different, and saving habits can be impacted by a variety of factors. To help make saving money easier, we can Round Up your debit card transactions to the nearest dollar and start saving every time you make a purchase or ATM transaction that isn't an even dollar amount. It all adds ... Up.

How It Works



Enroll your CSE Debit Mastercard®* into the Round Up Savings Program by completing the form below.

(You can also stop by a CSE office or call us at 330-452-9801 to enroll.)



Use your Debit Mastercard on all of your purchases and ATM transactions, like you already do.



We'll Round Up all purchases and ATM transactions to the nearest dollar amount and transfer the change from your checking account to your savings account.

Round Up Savings
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Once opted in, every purchase or ATM transaction made with your debit card will have an automated Round Up transfer on the day the purchase clears. To make tracking simple, this will show on your account as two transactions: one for your purchase, the other your Round Up transfer.



Q: How long does it take for a RoundUp opt-in to take effect?

Allow up to 48 hours after the form is submitted for your account to be enrolled into the RoundUp program. Your account will begin processing RoundUp transactions once enrolled.


Q: Can my CSE HSA Account Debit Card be enrolled in the RoundUp program?

CSE HSA Account Debit Cards are not eligible for the RoundUp program.


Q: When does the Round Up transfer occur?

At approximately midnight of the day that the transaction clears your checking account.


Q: How do I know which transaction the Round Up transfer is for?

The Round Up transfer will have a description of "RoundUp:" plus the transaction description to make it easy for you to determine which transfer applied to which transaction.

Example: You make a purchase from Aldi for $159.38. You will have that transaction plus a second transaction on your account history with the Round Up transfer. Your statement or account history would look something like this:

ATM Debit | $ 159.38 | ALDI 63021 CANTON OHUS
Transfer | $ 0.62 | RoundUp: ALDI 63021 CANTON OHUS (159.38)


Q: If I make a return, will it reverse the Round Up transfer?

No, making a return or performing any action that would change the total of the original transaction after the date of the original transaction will not affect the original Round Up transfer to your savings account.


Q: Which account does the Round Up transfer go to, and can I change it?

Currently, all transfers will be to the -00 savings account that is tied to your checking account. We are working to add the ability to choose the account the transfer is made to; however, this is not available at this time.


Q: If my balance is too low, will Round Up overdraw my account?

If you do not have enough funds in your account and a Round Up transaction would draw you negative, that Round Up transaction will not occur. In no case should a Round Up transfer take your account negative or tap into any available Courtesy Pay.


Q: If I have a transaction that is a whole dollar amount, for example: a transaction costs me an even $17.00, will there be a Round Up transfer?

If a transaction ends on an even dollar amount, there will not be a Round Up transfer for that transaction.


Q: How do I opt out of Round Up after I enroll?

To opt out of the Round Up savings program, simply stop by a CSE office or call us at 330-452-9801. Please allow up to 2 business days for an opt-out to take effect.

Enroll in Round Up Savings

DO NOT send us Account Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Pin Numbers or Driver's License Numbers via e-mail or Form submissions! Email and Form submissions are not a secure way to send us that type of information.

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Round Up Savings may change or end without notice.

*CSE HSA Account Debit Mastercards are not eligible for enrollment to the RoundUp Savings Program 


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