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Reloadable Cards & Gift Cards

Choose How You Spend Your Money

Reloadable debit cards and gift cards are great alternative payment options to avoid over-drawing on an account or to budget your monthly spending. You can also gift either of the cards to someone special and let them buy the exact item they’ve had their eye on.

Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards are great for members who don't have checking accounts or for those worry about over-drawing an account. Set your own limits by what you load on the card and leave no chance for overdraft or spending more than you can afford. Additional funds can also be added at any time without having to purchase a new card! Details on the reloadable cards include:

Card Benefits:

  • No swipe or pin fees
  • Purchase fee is only $2.95
  • Monthly fee is only $2.95
  • Monthly fee is waived when you load $25 or more on the card
  • Can be used wherever Visa is accepted
  • Use for purchases online
  • Free loading & re-loading of funds
  • POS purchases are free
  • Load cards via Direct Deposit, on-line, in a CSE Branch, or at any Visa ReadyLink merchant
  • Free online access & text alerts available*

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

Card Requirements:

  • No credit history required
  • No checking account required
  • Available to all members 13 years old & older

Loading Your Card:

  • Depositing funds to card is limited to a maximum of 15 transactions per month and $10,000 in a 30-day period.
  • Maximum amount for a single deposit to the card is $5,000.
  • Maximum amount available on your Atira Reloadable card at any given time is limited to $10,000.
Need to reload your card?

Simply click the button below to get started.

Reload Card

Gift Cards

A CSE Gift Card is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, graduation or any special occasion. With the convenience of a Visa Gift Card, you can rest easy knowing that the card will be accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted around the world.

Card Details Include:

  • $5.00 minimum value required
  • $750.00 maximum value
  • Purchase price is only $2.95
  • Perfect for anyone on your shopping list
  • Stop by any of our 4 offices to pick yours up today!
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