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Wire Transfer Instructions

Wire Transfers

Wiring money is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get money to and from another financial institution.

If you are looking to wire money into your CSE account, here is what you will need to know!

The following information will go in the "Receiving Institution" section of the wire that you are sending:

Corporate One Federal Credit Union

8700 Orion Place

Columbus, Ohio 43240-2078

ABA 2440-8426-4

With Further Credit To:

Canton School Employees Federal Credit Union

1380 Market Ave North

Canton, Ohio 44714

ABA/Account Number 2412-7445-9

Final Credit:

Member Name and Account Number

Please note CSE's wire fees:

Incoming Wires: $10.00 | Outgoing Domestic Wires: $20.00 | Outgoing International Wires: $50.00

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