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As a member-owned financial cooperative, with more than $380 million in assets, we want you to know who's running the place.

Board of Directors

There are nine core principles that help set credit unions apart from other financial institutions, one of those being Democratic Member Control. Our Board is made up of 11 volunteer CSE members. Volunteers play a key role in the cooperative structure that supports and defines a credit union. The role of the Board of Directors is to provide leadership, strategic direction, and lend effective oversight regarding the credit union's policies and procedures. In essence, they ensure that the credit union's focus remains on you, our members.

Board members also fulfill the fiduciary role of representing the members while making sure that the credit union is operated in a safe and sound manner and that member's personal financial information is secure. All of this is done within a legal framework of laws and the rules and regulations of our federal regulator, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). It is an important role with a lot of responsibility.

Board Members

Howard Taylor, Chairman
Brenda Lyon, Vice Chairwoman
Denny Flechtner, Treasurer
Lewistine Holloway-Moore, Secretary

David Cushing
Stephen Lewis
Anthony Rich
James Swinderman

Ariko Jackson
Matthew Oatley
Lori Stokes


Nominating Committee

Denny Flechtner
Ariko Jackson
Brenda Lyon
William Wittig

Supervisory Committee

Ryan Closson
Adam Fisher
Ariko Jackson
Tom Snyder
Courtney Wheeler


Senior Management

William T. Wittig, President and CEO
Ryan Closson, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Jeannie Fye, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Amie Jones, Vice President and Chief Lending Officer
Angela Burgess, Vice President of Human Resources
Maryann Sturia, Vice President of Branch Administration

To submit questions, comments or concerns to the Board of Directors, please email

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