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Debit & Credit Card Fraud Alerts

Debit & Credit Card Fraud Alerts

Monitor your CSE Debit Mastercard® and Visa® Credit Card with our fraud text* and email alerts. It's the most convenient way to confirm legitimate transactions or shut down your card due to suspected fraud.

close up of person inserting debit card into an ATM

How Fraud Alerts Work

As you use your card, our fraud monitoring software learns your tendencies. If transactions occur that raise red flags, we will send you a text, email or call the number we have on file to have you either confirm or report the transaction.

If the transaction is legitimate, a confirmation will allow you to continue using the card with no interruptions. If you tell us that the transaction is fraudulent, we will immediately block the card to prevent any other fraudulent charges from hitting your account. 

Our fraud alerts are quick and easy, and are always free* as a part of your cardholder benefits. All that we ask is that you keep your contact information up to date, so that we can reach you if we ever need to.

To ensure that you receive alerts when we see suspicious activity, please log in to eBranch or your CSE mobile app and update your phone and email information.

Update Contact Information

If you are contacted about potential fraud on your account, it's always recommended that you check your account to ensure there are not transactions that have posted to your account that are illegitimate. If you have transactions post to your account that are fraud, please contact the credit union to dispute those transactions.

customer handing a cashier credit card for payment

Stress Less with Mobile Alerts

Our mobile alerts are not limited to debit and credit cards! Stay on top of all of your accounts with CSE Mobile Alerts. It's a free*, easy-to-use system that allows you to customize alerts that you receive when things happen with your accounts.

CSE Mobile Alerts

Text Alert Samples

To help you understand what to expect, take a look at some sample text alerts. These are similar to what you would receive in the event you get a text or email to verify activity on your debit or credit card. As always, if you are uncomfortable with a message you receive, it's always a good idea to contact us (or any sender) to verify that the message is legitimate.

(Click text alert images to enlarge.)

Debit card text alert - yes to confirm

You can confirm that a transaction is legitimate by replying 'YES'.

Debit card text alert - no to report

You can report that a transaction is fraudulent by replying 'NO'.

Debit card text alerts - stop to opt out

You can opt-out of receiving future text alerts by replying 'STOP'.

Debit card text alerts - help for help

You can get help by replying 'HELP'.

*Messaging and data rates may apply. Please refer to your cell phone carrier plan.

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