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We are currently experiencing an ATM outage. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we work to restore services. For the latest updates on which ATMs are working, please read our blog.

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Online Banking

There Wherever You Need Us

With CSE’s e.Branch, you can bank on your time.  Paying bills or reconciling your checkbook has never been easier. We trust that you will take full advantage of this service to help make your life easier. And, it’s free!

Take Advantage of eBranch

Gain access to the following services:

  • View Account Balances
  • View Account History
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Request a Check
  • View Cleared Checks
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay Credit Card
  • View E-Statements
  • Setup Text Alerts
  • Update Contact Information
  • View and Redeem MORe Debit & Credit Rewards Points
  • View Visa's MyCardInfo
  • Turn Debit Card On/Off with 'Debit Card Freeze'

Create an account or log into your eBranch account for easy banking.

eBranch login

Account Alerts

Get real-time updates for your credit union accounts via text. With account alerts*, you’ll receive notifications straight to your phone for things like deposits, withdrawals, low balances and more. You can also control when, where and what alerts you want to receive.

Set Up Alerts

Mobile Alert OptionsAlert Description

Low Balance

Sent when the balance in a designated account falls below a specific dollar amount.

High Balance

Sent when the balance in a designated account goes above a specific dollar amount.

Loan Payment Due

Sent as a reminder on the day a specific loan is due.

Loan Payment Late

Sent the day after a specific loan's grace period has ended if the loan is past due.

Cleared Check

Sent when a check number that you specify clears from your account.

Electronic Transaction

Sent when an ACH transaction from a specific company is posted to a specific account.


Sent when a deposit is made of a certain dollar amount or more to a specific account.


Sent when a withdrawal is made of a minimum dollar amount or more to a specific account.

*Messaging and data rates may apply. Please refer to your cell phone carrier plan.

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