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Making the Most of a Staycation

Making the Most of a Staycation


Making the Most of a Staycation

Most things in life cost more these days. If you find yourself in need of a vacation, but it’s not in the budget this year, it’s time to plan a STAYcation! You still need a recharge and time off work, but reducing stress factors can make staycations even better. Take a look at reasons why Staycations are still great if the big vacation isn’t an option, and how to make the most of them.

  1. Stress Less. A staycation is a vacation without stress. You don’t have to coordinate packing your bags, how you’re getting from point A to B, and finding out what there is to do in the town you’re traveling to.
  2. It’s More Affordable. If you’re already stressin’ why add to your load? Without additional expenses of travel and lodging, a staycation is definitely a more affordable option.
  3. Plan Ahead. Planning ahead is still a good idea – just like with a regular vacation, decide on what activities you and your family might be interested in your area, some of your favorite places, or trying something new from entertainment, food, and more.
  4. Disconnect. Put away the electronics and recharge without the hustle and bustle. A benefit of a staycation is that you’re getting time to break away from your typical routine, without the travel and other to-dos of a typical vacation. Take another step and limit your screen time to really take advantage of being in the present.
  5. Treat Yourself. Try to do something you wouldn’t normally do in order to relax. Maybe that’s a spa day, checking something off your bucket list that you can do locally, visiting the fanciest restaurant in town, buying yourself something nice (make sure it’s in the budget) – because you deserve it!
  6. Get out and Explore. There’s probably a lot more to do in your town, city, or surrounding areas than you know. Look for new opportunities like local festivals, events, museums, parks, and more.
  7. Take a Day Trip. If you live close to other cities or attractions, plan a day trip to explore them. This can be a fun way to break up your staycation and experience something new that’s not too far from home.
  8. Get Outside. Nothing recharges the mind, body, and soul like getting outside. From a local outdoor sports event to a picnic in the park, you can go big or keep it small. *It’s a bonus that right in our backyard of Stark County we have the Cuyahoga Valley National Park which is a great park to explore, and more!
  9. Spend Time with Family. Sometimes, the busyness of life gets in the way of spending quality time with family and close friends. Take advantage of good weather and time off and plan a barbecue, potluck, or picnic with your people.
  10. Remember to Relax. A staycation might seem ‘boring’ but remember, you don’t have to fill every single second of the day with things to do. Take the opportunity to read, nap, binge watch your favorite shows or movies.


Remember a staycation is all about YOU. Do put too much pressure on it, and enjoy yourself. The key to a great staycation is balance - enjoying your time off means doing things that sound fun and making the most of your time at home.


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