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Extending the Life of Your Vehicle & Saving Money

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle & Saving Money


A vehicle is a huge investment. Outside of a house and possibly student loans, it is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make - and, on average, American's purchase around 10 cars in their lifetime. However, many consumers don’t take proper care of their vehicles and skip regular maintenance, which in turn costs more money when you have to purchase another vehicle sooner than expected.

So, take proper care and invest in regular maintenance for your vehicle. While the immediate cost may seem significant, over time it really can save you money. Here are some helpful tips to help extend your vehicle's life.

  1. Drive careful. Sure, going fast over tracks and essentially flying through the air gives you an adrenaline rush for 5 seconds, but you'll be seeing red after you hear you need new struts or other parts which can cost hundreds - even thousands - of dollars.
    • Driving carefully can help you avoid accidents or tickets which will add up to more money coming out of your wallet.
    • Be aware of your surroundings – watch for big trucks on the road that can kick up rocks that may chip your car or crack your windshield.
    • We live in Ohio, which means that after Winter comes POTHOLE SEASON. Even if they seem small, they could do some real damage to your vehicle.
    • Let your car warm up on cold days, it doesn’t have to idle for long, but immediately gearing into drive as soon as you start the engine doesn’t allow for the oil to heat up which can be harmful to your engine.
    • Cut out the hard braking so you don’t wear out your brakes or rotors so quickly.

  2. Keep it clean. Regularly cleaning your vehicle will help extend its life inside and out.
    • Washing your vehicle regularly is important, especially in Ohio Winters. Cleaning your vehicle will help protect it from the harsh salt and grime from the roads. If you don't routinely clean your vehicle, your vehicle will likely begin to rust. Not only does your vehicle begin to lose curb appeal, it won’t retain its value either, which in turn, means less for your trade.
    • When you’re thinking of keeping it clean and retaining the value of your car it’s also important to not forget about the INSIDE. We often forget about the interior as being part of the vehicle's value. Having noticeably stained seats and floors will significantly impact your car's value.
    • No matter how you clean your car, you don’t have to spend a ton of money by taking it to professionals or expensive car washes (although you could). Simply keeping up with the cleaning and using your own off-the-shelf products are affordable when keeping your vehicle fresh.

  3. Listen to your car. We've all experienced that dreadful moment when the Check Engine light flashes on. That thought instantly comes to mind: "If I just ignore it, it will hopefully go away." Most times this comes on FOR A REASON and should be checked to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Consider heading to your local parts shop as they typically will run the codes for free. If it’s serious you can consider taking it to a repair shop, or maybe it’s a simple fix you can do yourself.

  4. Pop your hood. Check your oil and coolants regularly and change them on schedule. It’s also important to change your filters, windshield wipers, tires, and other parts that wear out quickly for the best chance at a prolonged life of your vehicle.

Let's be honest, it's always nice to get a new car. The smell, the feel, the fun - it's just an exciting experience. But, we all know cars are not cheap, so the longer you can make your current car last, the more money you'll have in your budget for other things.

P.S., when it is time for those new wheels, don't forget about your friends at CSE Federal Credit Union for the financing! We promise you'll get a great deal1.

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