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CSE's Education Hub for ALL Ages!

CSE's Education Hub for ALL Ages!



CSE's Education Hub for ALL Ages!


From the kids to the adults, regardless of your age, it is important to learn about financial education! As we prepare for back to school, we want to share more about our Financial Education HUB! We strive to provide accessible and valuable financial resources for both adults and kids!



For the Kids:

The Banzai Junior program provides a fun, interactive way to learn about finances with a real-life financial simulation. In the simulation, a lemonade stand is used to teach and promote entrepreneurship, while teaching kids how to make money, save for big purchases, and even operate a business. Other topics include: IOUs (an introduction to credit), earning money, counting currency, saving, spending, and working with others.

We also have our M3 Money Club kids accounts. For kids ages 7-12, we encourage opening a M3 kids account. This helps encourage savings. We also have our interactive M3 Money Club website, where kids can learn about our M3 Superhero’s Cash & Violet, play games, print out coloring sheets and so much more!


For the Teens:

The Banzai Teen Program gives teens the chance to play the real-life financial simulation game to ‘save enough money for college.’ They will navigate decisions such as getting a job, going out to eat, and even renting an apartment to see how their choices affect their end goal. Other topics include: buying a car, renter’s insurance, taxes, auto insurance, credit, and more.

We also have our Elements of Money Teen account for teens ages 13-17, which is perfect when they need a place to put all their money earned from babysitting, birthdays, and other sources of income. They also have access to the Element of Money website where they can listen to podcasts, read articles, or partake in several contests throughout the year where they could win prizes!


For the Parents / Adults:

If you are looking for ways to improve your finances, it does not have to be complicated!

The Banzai Plus program for adults keeps financial education simple with information that covers topics like buying a home, credit scores, retirement, and more. We also highly recommend our certified member financial counselor to members who desire a more in-depth review of their financial situation. We also have calculators of every kind to help you find the right payment for an auto loan, to pay off your debt or when buying a home. Finally, once you have your finances in order, the last thing we want is for you to fall for Fraud; gain some insight into common scams, what to watch for to avoid falling victim to fraud, and tools on how to recover if you have fallen victim to fraud using our Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention page.


School is back in session for ALL ages when it comes to your money, make it matter by taking the first step and checking out our Financial Education HUB today!


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