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A Debit Card with Rewards & Free Checking?! No Way! 

A Debit Card with Rewards & Free Checking?! No Way! 

A Debit Card with Rewards & Free Checking*?! No Way! 

At CSE, we believe in helping our members get the most out of their money. That’s why now is the perfect time for you to unlock the full potential of your membership at CSE by exploring every nook and cranny of what we can offer you to help you achieve financial wellness.

Don't settle for simply scratching the surface of your account(s) here at CSE. Take advantage of our FREE checking* account, while having the opportunity to earn plenty of points with a rewards debit card (we know, amazing, right?!)

What are some of the benefits of a CSE free-checking account for members?

No fees. Our goal: Allow members to manage their money without worrying about additional charges that eat into your hard-earned money.

Many of the ‘big banks’ charge monthly maintenance fees, ATM fees, and other charges on their checking accounts just to keep them open, and we have to tell you, we just don’t get it! Sure, with these types of accounts, fees may be avoidable if you meet certain requirements, but no one likes a ‘catch’. We know that fees on a checking account can quickly add up, which becomes burdensome and make it difficult to manage finances. So, we ask ourselves, why would we want that for our members?

Easy access to your money: With any account at CSE, you can easily access your money through ATM withdrawals, online banking, or mobile banking, without having to worry about added fees for using these services.

No minimum balance requirements: Many banks require customers to maintain a minimum balance to avoid monthly fees. With our free checking account, there is no minimum balance requirement, making it easier for you to maintain your account.

Convenient features: Access features that make your life easier for free, such as online bill pay, mobile deposit, and eStatements. Who wouldn’t want to stay organized for free?


Overall, a free checking account can provide a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your money. But, there’s more…

For us, it wasn’t enough to only offer free checking. Free checking just makes sense to us and it helps members. But we want you to love it MORe.

By using a CSE Rewards Debit card with your checking account you’ll earn rewards with every purchase! It’s one of the great values that our checking account offers. We'll be shocked if you find another financial institution that offers a free checking account with a rewards debit card.

Members who have a CSE Debit Mastercard and a CSE Rewards Visa credit card earn points with every purchase. Points earned from either card are combined into one program called our Members' Own Rewards (MORe) program. This allows members to earn points twice as fast while allowing them to use whichever card they prefer for their purchases.

Getting more out of your credit union membership is what we’re all about. We know that if you use our free checking with a rewards debit card, you’ll love it. Thank you for being a part of our credit union family!


*Must meet eligibility requirements for checking accounts. Restrictions apply.


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