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Mobile Payments: Why Should I Use Them?

paying with mobile wallet on smart phone


Just a few years ago, the world was introduced to Mobile Payments and Wallets. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay have now become one of the most convenient, safest ways to transact business with a debit or credit card. As we become more and more of a cashless society, having payment options is critical to ensuring you can purchase what you need and want. You likely have a debit or credit card that you use (or, possibly multiple cards) - it would be nice to put them away and only have to worry about the one item that is never more than 2 feet away from you...your phone! By adding your credit/debit card(s) to your mobile device, you can protect yourself in more ways than you might imagine.

Safety and Security

Mobile payments offer the latest and greatest in security for your transactions. First, to use the card, biometrics ensures that only you can use your card. Whether it be your fingerprint or facial recognition, biometrics prevents thieves from being able to access your card information. Second, the card information that is stored on your phone is encrypted and will not display full card information. You also will not need to worry about your CVV (3-digit code on the back of the card) from being compromised as the information is not stored on your phone. Finally, when mobile wallets perform transactions, they are also encrypted using tokenization. Tokenization is the process of encrypting data to change sensitive information out of its original form for safer transacting, so even if the information was to get into the wrong hands, it would still be safe.


Using mobile payments is more convenient than using cards. There is no need to dig around to find your wallet, look for the correct card and insert the card into a machine to then wait for prompts. With mobile payments, you simply put your phone near the card reader and use the biometric that is set up on your phone. Your phone will ding or vibrate signaling that the transaction is complete and you're all set to either enter your PIN or sign for the transaction if needed. If you are shopping online with your mobile device, it's even easier! Simply select the card you want to use from your mobile wallet at checkout and everything else is done for you. All of this makes using mobile payments fast and convenient.

Add Your CSE Cards to Your Phone

Adding your CSE cards to your phone is simple. Find your device's digital wallet options and add the card. It's that simple!


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