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2022 in Review: CSE's Best Blogs

2022 in Review: CSE's Best Blogs


2022 in Review: CSE's Best Blogs


It’s hard to believe another year is passing us by! With so much information out there, we know some things can get overlooked, so we took some time to look back at 2022 to re-post our ‘best’ blogs for you, all in one place! Here are some of the top blogs our members found value in. The CSE blogs are a great way to get a lot of important information quickly, and we hope that through our blogs we can help you from budgeting to financial education, to avoid falling for scams and so much more!

Check out some of our best blogs, below:


“Debit and Credit cards…some people use both, some use one over the other for specific reasons. While these cards may look the same – and swipe just as easily – they function quite differently! Both make completing transactions in-store or online extremely convenient, but we want to help break down the differences between the two, because believe it or not, many don’t know all of the ins and outs of these cards!...”

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“If you’re new to the mortgage loan process, or if it’s been a while, you may be experiencing a variety of emotions if you’re thinking about getting a new home. Before getting too far into the process, one of the first steps in buying a home is going through the mortgage pre-approval process. Learning about the most important factors and knowing what you need so you can speed up the approval process can make a big difference in how ‘easy’ it is for you…When it comes to mortgage pre-approvals, our in-house mortgage experts like to focus on three key elements that make all the difference in your pre-approval for the home of your dreams! Those three key elements are Credit, Down Payment, and Income…”

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What is Inflation?

“In recent months we’ve seen inflation at record levels. Higher prices have impacted all of the ‘staples’ in life from gas to groceries, to housing and vehicles…CSE cares about our members and we understand that in the face of inflation many members are being forced to make some tough money choices and changes. So, we’re here to help give some guidance through these tough times. Let’s tap into how to make your money go further…”

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‘Recipe’ For Good Credit

“Oftentimes, when people see or hear ‘credit’ or ‘credit score’ they think of credit as a complicated and complex subject. In ways it is, but we’re here to help break down credit into a simple recipe to make it easier for you to build and maintain a good credit score!”

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Don't Wait for a Recession Rescue

“The economy has been a rollercoaster recently, to say the least, with supply chain issues, to staffing shortages for many businesses, not to mention record inflation. All of this is a perfect storm that has led to rumors of a recession on the horizon. Although we don’t know if a recession is imminent, it’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst. After all, an emergency fund got its name for a reason. Rather than finding yourself in need of a financial rescue during times of a recession-like economy, why not breathe new life with your finances ahead of time and create a financial preparedness plan?...”

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Trending Scams

Keeping members aware of trending scams and how to avoid falling victim to these scams are one of our top priorities. Throughout the year we put out important information in the form of blogs, and videos for our members.. check out these trending scam blogs to start.

Read More: Big Retailer Fraudsters on the Rise


Read More: Fake Protection from Fake Antivirus


If any, or all, of these, pique your interest, then keep your eyes peeled for more great blog content in 2023. It’s a quick, easy way for members to learn more about overall financial wellness! Thank you for a great year in 2022, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in 2023 and beyond.


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