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Why Your Credit Union Membership Matters

Why Your Credit Union Membership Matters


Have you ever walked into the credit union and thought it felt a little different? Perhaps a little more welcoming than most other financial institutions? Well, that’s because as a credit union member, you are part owner which means you have a say in how CSE is operated - - so you’re practically part of the family! With that, comes a number of benefits such as the affordable financial perks and easy access to your money. Because we are member-owned, we are there for you and do our best to make decisions that are best for you. That’s why it’s so important that you put your credit union ownership to good use by voting for our volunteer board of directors.  

CSE Federal Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 11 credit union members. These volunteer Board members are elected by our members.  Democratically elected, volunteer leadership is one of the key differences between credit unions and other for-profit financial institutions. At CSE, we are guided by an outstanding Board of Directors who care deeply about our member’s financial well-being and the communities in which we all live.

Due to the level of demand placed on a Board member, many for-profit banks will compensate the members of the Board of Directors. And those paid bank directors are accountable to the stockholders of the bank, who usually are most driven by one thing: making a profit. A Credit Union’s Board of Directors is different – our Board is made up entirely of CSE members who have volunteered their time to serve the credit union in this official capacity. In doing so they are accountable to all of you, our members.

CSE’s Board of Directors meets to establish and review policies, procedures, and financials while ensuring that CSE is adhering to compliant, legal, ethical and community-first principles and business practices. They also are the group that holds our credit union staff and leadership accountable. As a result of the Board’s leadership, direction and oversight, CSE’s mission, vision and direction remain clear: Protect our most important assets - our members and their money.

So as a member of CSE, how does that impact you? Most importantly, it ensures that the best interests of our members are always top of mind. It drives our philosophy of providing service to all members of our community in the most cost-effective way possible by keeping loan rates and fees as low as possible and paying savers a fair rate of return on their deposits. Additionally, since the members of the Board of Directors are local, it helps keep the credit union focused on the needs of our local community.

An exclusive opportunity that members of CSE have is the chance to cast a vote for the Board of Directors. Each year, several seats for the Board become open and contested in an election. Any member who is 18 years or older, and in good standing with the credit union, has the opportunity to cast a ballot.

We encourage all eligible members to vote in our annual Board of Directors election.  It is your right as a credit union member and creates a fundamental difference between CSE and the bank down the street. In March, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote for this year’s election. For more detailed information on our Board of Directors Election, please refer to the ‘Notice of 2021 Annual Business Meeting and Board of Directors Election’ that was included in your December statements. This Notice includes details about the election process and identifies the candidates who have been nominated by the Nominating Committee to run in this year’s election.  You may also learn more by visiting our Annual Meeting webpage

Thank you for your membership. We trust that you now know a little more about the credit union difference, and hope that you engage with us in our upcoming election.


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