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Thinking About Your Next Auto Loan

Thinking About Your Next Auto Loan


There has never been a time, in recent memory, when buying a car was as difficult, expensive, and challenging, as it is now. Whether you’re buying or refinancing, we want to tell you why CSE is the right choice for your next auto loan! We like to think we know a little bit about financing.  After all, the very reason that we exist is to help members with honest, fair, affordable loans to help make their hopes and dreams fit their budget. So, remember, when you’re looking to get into your next New or Used vehicle, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle, leave the car to the car guys, and let CSE take care of the financing.

It’s no big surprise that the vehicle market has been somewhat chaotic over the past 12-24 months. From the global chip shortage, car inventory being incredibly low and sometimes taking months for dealerships to get that dream vehicle you are looking for, to prices on both new and used vehicles being inflated due to all of these issues, it all adds up to a subpar experience for those buying cars. It also means that we are seeing fewer specials or deals on vehicles because dealerships know they’re getting the value without offering the sales.

With that said, you might be asking why should I get a vehicle now? And, how do I go about getting one with great financing? The short answer is this: get pre-approved. It will make the process easier, and also gives you more credibility to dealers that you’re a serious buyer.


Why Pre-Approval Is Your Best Option in this High-Demand Auto Buying Season

Due to vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and colors being in high demand, it’s important to be ready to sign on that dotted line the moment you can get your hands on the vehicle you want. You can ensure you’re prepared with an auto loan pre-approval! Getting pre-approved is simply getting your ducks in a row and allows you to know how much you’re qualified to borrow in the form of a loan with a payment that will fit your budget. This also shows the dealership you’re a serious buyer and that you’ve already taken the steps to ensure you’re ready to process the transaction and drive that car off the lot.


Why Now is the Time to Buy – Before Rates Begin to Rise. 

If you haven’t heard already, interest rates are likely going to increase later this year. This makes now a perfect time to lock in your rate before they start to climb. It’s also good to know if you get pre-approved at CSE, that rate and pre-approval is good for a full 30 days, even if rates were to go up.


Other Benefits to Financing with CSE over a Dealerships Financing

  • When you finance with CSE, you can feel good about the fact by doing business with us that you’re helping stimulate your own local economy.
  • We have all the convenience tools such as applying online for your loan, getting pre-approved which we talked about, all the way to completing your loan online with our e-sign option.
  • At CSE we never have any application fee or early pay-off penalty with our auto loans.
  • We have great and affordable add-on options such as Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) and Extended Warranty Options that you might consider adding to your loan. We have found that our add-ons are usually cheaper than you’ll find with other loans.
  • Finally, March is when we kick off our annual Spring Auto Special – the time of year when we offer our best deals for auto loans. To learn more about our auto loan special visit our auto loan page for complete details, rates, and to apply.


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Autumn Swan | Jun 27th 2022 @ 10:49 PM

I love how you pointed out the importance of pre-approval, as this will allow you to know how much you're qualified to borrow We plan to apply for an auto loan and want to make sure that we know the terms before doing so. I'm glad I came across your article and learned some tips for applying for an auto loan. Let me share this article with my husband and see how this can help us with the goal.

Frances | Jul 26th 2022 @ 3:51 AM

Thank you for sharing this wonderful post on your site. It contains a lot of information and has answered the questions I have in relation to the topic. I really appreciate it.

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