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Using an ATM may be an indispensable convenience, but is it safe? In nearly every scenario, the answer is yes! ATMs have been used successfully by hundreds of millions of people over three decades: Millions of ATM transactions take place daily without incident, which is great news for ATM users. But, there are always things to watch for to make your ATM experiences safer.


There is no such thing as too much safety when using an ATM - it’s important to be vigilant when withdrawing cash. Here are a few basic guidelines that can also help keep you safe.

  1. Never use an ATM unless you feel completely comfortable. If the ATM location is unfamiliar to you, if you notice something suspicious, or see people lurking, following your gut is better than risking your safety.

  2. Be aware of your surroundings and cautious of strangers.

  3. Don’t accept help from people you don’t know, and make sure no one is observing you when you enter your PIN.


As a member of the CO-OP ATM network, CSE Federal Credit Union goes the extra mile to make sure members have access to the largest network of ATMs nationwide, with an emphasis on safety. The CO-OP ATM network has nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs, but simply offering our members widespread access is not enough. We’re also pleased to belong to an ATM network that prides itself on convenient, well-lit locations so that our members can make safer choices while still visiting an in-network ATM – so if you do happen to be in an unfamiliar area we’re always thinking of your safety.

You can access a map of our fee-free ATMs in the CO-OP ATM network, by visiting We are also proud to be a member of the AllianceOne ATM network that provides access to even more fee-free ATMs. Visit the AllianceOne ATM network by visiting It’s always a good idea to see if there are ATMs nearby familiar areas.


Still not keen on carrying cash? CSE makes cash-less banking easy too! With mobile wallets you can pay for goods with Apple, Samsung or Google Pay, you can cash checks in a flash with mobile deposit, you can even make transfers to other CSE members, and so much more with our mobile app. If you’re not familiar with our mobile banking services you can check out all of the details here:


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