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Dive into CSE’s Online & Mobile Services

Dive into CSE’s Online & Mobile Services


Technology within the banking industry is ever-changing, so we thought we would take a deep dive into our online and mobile services. Don’t worry you won’t need a breathing apparatus for this deep dive – we just want to remind you of these great convenient services which are available at your fingertips!

To start – there is the obvious and most convenient of our services, Online Banking & Mobile Banking with eBranch and CSE’s mobile app. Through either of these platforms you can perform a number of banking actions:

  • View Account Balances & History
  • Transfer Funds
  • Turn Debit Card On/Off with 'Debit Card Freeze'
  • Make Loan & Credit Card Payments
  • Keep your information up to date by updating your contact information
  • Pay Bills with our FREE Bill Pay
  • Enroll / View eStatements
  • Setup Text Alerts
  • View & Redeem MORe Debit & Credit Rewards Points
  • View Visa's MyCardInfo
  • View Cleared Checks
  • & More!

There are additional benefits for members who utilize their smartphones to conduct banking:

  • Mobile Deposit, where you can snap a photo of a check in order to deposit it into your account. This requires that members download and use the CSE Mobile app, as Mobile Deposit is not available from inside eBranch.
  • Mobile Wallets, where you can add your CSE Debit Mastercard and/or Visa credit card to your mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay for faster and easier payments when on the go.
  • CardNav by CO-OP, an additional mobile app that gives you greater control over just about everything with your CSE Debit Mastercard. You can turn the card on/off, set spending limits, get real-time notifications of use, set travel alerts, and much more.

Another convenient service we offer free to members is Text Alerts! We highly encourage every member to sign up for text alerts as this is a great way to not only see when a withdrawal or deposit comes through your account but this is a great way to monitor your account for any suspicious or fraudulent activity. With text alerts, you get real-time updates for your credit union accounts via text. You can control what alerts you want to receive and when you would like to receive those alerts.

As mentioned above on both the CSE Mobile App or e.Branch Online Banking you have access to make payments on other bills that are not at CSE with our FREE Bill Pay when you have a CSE checking account! Never miss your payment due date again by organizing and scheduling the payment of your bills with Bill Pay.

Another great service that is simple to start is Text Banking. This is great if you don’t want to log into our mobile app or eBranch and would rather send a quick text to get your account balance, make a transfer, and more. There are a variety of uses for Text Banking and you can start today by texting “Menu” to 22144.

*Member must be enrolled with an activated account in online banking for Text Banking to work.

Finally, CSE members have access to TellerPhone24 as an additional service for transacting with their CSE accounts. TellerPhone24 is a quick, easy way for members to get account balances and make transfers when on the go. To use TellerPhone24, simply call 330-452-9802 or Toll-Free 888-452-9802. Prior to your first use, you’ll need to set up a PIN number with a CSE representative in person at one of our four branches. After that, you can transact from anywhere that you have access to a touch-tone phone.

Our goal is to give members a variety of ways to conduct their banking with as many convenience services as possible. We truly hope you are able to take advantage of many of these free services today!


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Mark S Dolan | Jun 11th 2021 @ 3:14 PM

I love CSE online Bill Payment service! Most payments are credited within 24-48 hours, and, sometimes, sooner! Very fast and saves a lot of time and no cost of stamps and writing checks!! I also, can transfer funds to my savings, Christmas and Vacation Club accounts easily at the same time!! No trips needed to the branch necessary! I also use Apple Pay a lot using my CSE Debit and Credit cards and earn reward points on both cards! Since the pandemic, I very rarely have had the need to use cash o

CSE Federal Credit Union | Jun 16th 2021 @ 7:35 AM

Hey Mark!! We are so grateful for your enthusiasm about CSE and how we try to make banking as easy and affordable as possible for our members. Thank you for your continued support and membership!

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