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Common CSE FAQs

Common CSE FAQs


Get the most out of your CSE membership by knowing the answers to our top frequently asked questions, and a few important FYI’s all in one place. If you’re ever looking for other answers to your questions, check out our full FAQ list on our website. If you can’t find answers to your questions in this blog or throughout our FAQs we’re always happy to assist you with those questions, simply give us a call!


What is CSE’s Routing Number?



CSE Contact Numbers You Should Save To Your Phone:

CSE Main Number – 330-452-9801

Credit Card Fraud Monitoring – 866-518-0213

Debit Card Fraud Monitoring –  888-241-2440

We call members for a number of reasons including phone appointments, contacting you about an issue with your account, and others. To prevent your phone provider from potentially blocking our call, it's important to add CSE's phone number to your contacts on your mobile device today! That way you won't miss a call from us which can help avoid unnecessary interruptions in service.

In addition, adding both of our fraud monitoring numbers in your phone is also a good idea. If a transaction raises a red flag on your account, or you forget to let us know that you're traveling, you can be confident answering your phone if our fraud department were to call you. This will help you avoid having future transactions declined.


What is the daily limit for purchases and withdrawals on my Debit Mastercard?

There is a security limit of $2,500.00 on purchases and an ATM withdrawal limit of $500.


How do I change my address?

  • You are able to update your address within eBranch. Once in eBranch, go to the 'Self Service' dropdown and click 'Preferences'. Click on the 'Contact Info' tab. Once there, find the 'Home Address' information and update it accordingly.
  • Other options include submitting a letter by mail or stopping into any branch.
  • NOTE: If you were going to mail the address change you would need to provide your name, account number, new and old address, and please include the date and your signature. Please send the request for your address change to:

CSE Federal Credit Union
1380 Market Ave. N
Canton, OH 44714


Are Coin Counter Machines Free for members? How much is it for a non-member?

Our coin counter service is free to CSE members. For non-members, the fee is 8% of the total amount deposited into the coin counter. 


If I am traveling, should I contact CSE if I plan to use my CSE credit card or debit card?

It is always a good idea to let CSE know if you plan to use your debit card while traveling to another state or country. This helps us determine if a charge looks fraudulent. Simply give us a call at 330-452-9801 to let us know.

Debit Cardholders also have the ability to manage their card, location settings, set travel alerts, turn their card on/off, and more by using the CardNav by CO-OP app.


How do I schedule an appointment?

There are times where we can take walk-ins for loan applications or to open an account but these typically fill quickly – you may want to consider scheduling an appointment. In order to schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling our main line at 330-452-9801 or online with our scheduling widget. You can access our online scheduling service here.


How do I add a cosigner/beneficiary and other ‘labels’ onto my account or card?

If you’d like to add a co-signer to your account, this can be done by giving us a call at 330-452-9801 or in the office by appointment. You can schedule an appointment here. Both the account holder and the future co-signer need to be present.

If you’d like to add an authorized user on a CSE Visa credit card, you will need to fill out an ‘authorized user’ form. You can complete the form in person at one of our offices, or give us a call in order to mail you the form. It then needs to be submitted back with a signature.

To add a beneficiary to your account we will need to sign new documentation. An appointment is not necessary but to avoid any long wait times you may want to schedule an appointment to do this. This may be done with an MSR in person at any CSE location, or with an MSR by phone where you will sign the documents electronically.

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