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Enhancements to eBranch website

Jul 12, 2019 Categories: News newsletter

We're excited to announce some brand new features to our e.Branch online banking website! The next time you log in to your CSE online e.Branch account you will notice things look a little bit different. 

  • When logging in to e.Branch you will notice a new, organized Account Overview screen. Tabs located at the top of the page allow you to toggle through to view your share accounts, loan accounts and credit card accounts cleanly.
  • You'll now be able to view loan payoff information - which comes in handy when you need to view a payoff dollar amount.
  • More transaction options which include:
    • Card-to-Account Transactions
    • Member-to-Member Transfers
    • Send & Receive ACH (send or receive funds electronically from another financial institution) 
  • Ability to create your own Stop Payments for checks written and ACH transactions
  • Google Authenticator (optional 2-factor authentication tool for login security)

For more in-depth details about these new features view our guide which outlines the updates. 


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