Saving for College

Pre-High School

  • Start saving for college if you haven't already. Look into college savings plans that your state may offer.
  • Take classes that challenge you.
  • Do your best in school. If you are having difficulty, don't give up - get help from a teacher, tutor or mentor.
  • Investigate which high schools or special programs will most benefit your future interests.
  • Become involved in school- or community-based extracurricular activities that enable you to explore your interests, meet new people and learn new things.

Every Year in High School
  • Continue to save for college.
  • Take challenging classes in core academic subjects: most colleges require four years of English, at least three years of social studies (history, civics, geography, economics, etc.), three years of mathematics, and three years of science, and many require two years of a foreign language. Round out your course load with classes in computer science and the arts.
  • Stay involved in school- or community-based extracurricular activities that interest you or enable you to explore career interests. Consider working or volunteering. Remember - it's quality (not quantity) that counts.
  • Save copies of your report cards, awards, honors and best work for your academic portfolio.
  • Athletes, artists, scholars and others should start collecting items for their portfolios (such as game tapes, newspaper clippings, stats, awards, artwork, photographs, school papers, etc.).