Debit MasterCardTM

The CSE Debit MasterCardTM is NOT a credit card. It is an ATM and debit card. It is the best alternative to check-writing that we know. You may use it anywhere you see the STAR and/or MasterCard logo.

Credit Union members using their CSE Debit MasterCardTM in one of our ATM machines will NOT incur any charges or fees.

NO service fees are charged when this card is used as a debit card (even if you use your PIN number).

Alliance One ATM Network

CSE is a member of Alliance One. This is a group of credit unions that DO NOT charge surcharges to other credit union members using their ATMs. Look for the Alliance One logo when using credit union ATM machines

Lost or Stolen Card?

To report your CSE MasterDebitTM Card lost or stolen, please call as soon as possible: 1-800-523-4175