Card Services

As society moves further away from cash, it is important to have many payment options. CSE provides members with multiple, safe options for those who would rather pay with credit and debit cards rather than cash.

Visa Cards

Visa is the most universally recognized card around the world. CSE has two Visa options for members to choose from. If you want to be rewarded every time that you make a purchase, the CSE Rewards Visa is for you. If you simply want the lowest interest rate on a Visa card, then the CSE Platinum Visa is for you.

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Debit Cards

CSE's Debit MasterCard™ is the perfect compliment to a CSE Checking account. If you prefer to 'pay now' with a debit card that pulls from your account, then this is your card. Use this card at the ATM, in stores, or even online. And unlike many of the banks, you can use this card as much as you would like, with no maximum amount of transactions.

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Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards are great for members who don't have checking accounts or for those who fear over-drawing an account. Set your own limits by what you load onto the card, and leave no chance for over-drawing. Unlike gift cards however, additional funds can be added at any time instead of purchasing a new card.

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Gift Cards

A CSE Gift Card is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, special gift and so much more! With the convenience of a Visa Gift Card, you can rest easy knowing that the card will be accepted anywhere that Visa is accepted around the world.

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Apple Pay

CSE MasterDebit cards are now able to be added to Apple Pay. Apple Pay is an easy, secure and private way to make purchases with a debit or credit card. Be on the lookout for CSE's Visa credit card to be available for use with Apple Pay beginning on April 7th.

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