How to Write a Check


In the era of ATM check cards, online bill paying and credit cards, the art of writing a check may be lost. It is still a very effective way to pay for services and purchases, and to transfer funds. If you've never written a check before but want to start using them, here's how you do it.



1 Start by writing in the date using any format, as long as it's legible. Use either the current date or a future date for a post-dated check.

2 Write the name of the person or company receiving your check on the line that starts with "Pay to the Order of" or "Payable to." 

3 Write the numerical dollar amount of the check in the small space that starts with a dollar sign ($) so that it reads like this: $25.63.
4 Write the same amount using words for whole dollar amounts, a fractional figure for amounts less than a dollar, and a straight line to fill up the remaining space on the line ending with the word "Dollars," like this: Twenty-five and 63/100 ------------- Dollars.

5 Sign the signature line at the lower right.

6 Note the check number, date, payee and amount on the check stub or in the check ledger at the front of your checkbook.

7 Subtract the amount of the check so that you will know how much you have left in your account.

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